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In the calm blue waters of the West, complete relaxation awaits. This Océane cruise is a perfect reflection of the West Coast of Mauritius and its reputation: laid back, sun drenched, wonderfully idle…


The clear waters of the west coast of Mauritius call for utter relaxation… Discover the west coast in all its splendour! Setting off from Black River, you’ll make your way to Tamarin Bay in search of bottle-nosed or spinner dolphins. With a bit of luck, they’ll be there, and their cheeky leaps and moving songs will be truly unforgettable.


Then we’ll head for some snorkelling to play with lionfish or trumpet-fish and then on to the famous ‘Crystal Rock’, a giant clam shaped coral, rising out of the turquoise lagoon. After a BBQ lunch served at anchor, a tender boat is at your disposal for those who would like to go on Île aux Bénitiers. We should be back in Black River at around 3:30pm.


L’Estuaire, La Balise Marina, Black River


Can be organised with a supplement, subject to availability

Cruising time

9:00am – 3:30pm

Healthy Delicious

It’s time for a sunny getaway on the West Coast. The light ocean breeze forebodes a stunning day on Oceane with their most welcoming crew.

Lightly step on board the catamaran. Inland, look up at the Black River mountain range and the mythical Morne Mountain, named as part of World Heritage by UNESCO. As the catamaran leaves the bay, the scenery unfolds in all hues of green and blue, from the crystal clear lagoon to the great depths of the open ocean. Rest assured: Océane will only sail easily along the reef.

Our first stop: Tamarin Bay. Keep an eye out for pods of spinner or bottlenose dolphins that stay in our western coastline waters. If you are lucky, they might be in sight, just for you to admire these beloved mammals’ acrobatics that could be the highlight of your tropical holiday.

The boat then heads to Black River, all sails hoisted. In the lagoon, a patch reef about two metres deep, harbours colourful fish and small crustaceans. Get into your snorkelling gear and chase after butterfly fish or tease passing trumpet fish while admiring the coral outcrops spread on the white sand. Taste the saltiness of the water as you swim under the vigilant and trained eye of the crew, ready to intervene should anyone need any help.

Since nothing gets an appetite going like a swim in the sea, the crew begin the preparations for the meal.

As you climb back on board, the delicious smell of local cuisine will make your mouth water. Feast on grilled fish and chicken with various salads, as well as bananas flambéed in rum for dessert, depending on the season.

The boat is then steers towards the infamous Bénitiers Rock, which stands over the turquoise lagoon. As the boat anchors as close as possible, depending on the tide, be sure to snap a picture next to this mysterious outcrop that features endlessly on Mauritian postcards. The crystal clear water laps gently on the boat and the world is all blue and green as far as the eye can see, except for the Bénitiers Island, laden with coconut trees.

Hop onto our shuttle boat to reach the sandy beaches of the island, where you can laze around in the sun or start an exploration on foot. A few hawkers scattered around the beach, sell straw hats, jewellery made out of seashells, sarongs and other souvenirs. While the island may attract a crowd during peak season, you can hope to find an almost desert beach on a quiet day.

Of course, you can also choose to stay on the catamaran and jump off the deck into the best swimming pool in the world: the Indian ocean! Warm, crystal clear and calm; you might even catch yourself making plans to stay indefinitely…

In the late afternoon, the wind will pick up in the boat’s sails, gliding you back to shore while the sun starts its descent. Savour a final refreshment and enjoy the last of the wonderful atmosphere on board to Black River.


Observing the dolphins

BBQ lunch on board

Unlimited drinks *


Visit of Île Aux Bénitiers

Swimming next to the ‘crystal rock’


  • Sunglasses
  • Swimming costume and beach towel
  • Your diving mask, snorkel and flippers if you wish to snorkel (Masks and flippers available on board)
  • High SPF sunscreen to protect you over a full day in the sun (UV30 or UV50 minimum recommended)
  • Hats or Caps to protect your face and neck from UV rays
  • Sandals or flip flops
  • A windbreaker and a jacket for people who are chilly during windy periods
  • A camera to immortalise your experience


1. How do I make a reservation?
Contact us via phone or whatsapp (+230 52518857), by e-mail ( or fill in the below form to secure your booking.


2. How do you take the weather into account on your cruises?
While the weather is temperate to warm year-round, showers are not uncommon on our tropical island and rain may come and go during your cruise. In case of particularly bad weather, we will contact you to consult with you and advise you on the best decision to make. Please make sure you provide us with the correct contact information when you make your booking, in case this situation arises.


3. I am not a very confident swimmer or cannot swim at all. Can I still book a cruise with Océane?
Our team is fully trained to provide the best safety measures for all persons on board. If you are not comfortable in the water, we have life jackets and other gear on board so you can cruise with us worry-free. However, please inform us about your swimming abilities when you make your booking and when you step on one of our boats.


Alcohol Consumption *
For your safety, alcoholic drinks will be given after snorkelling time. The crew reserves the right to cancel the snorkelling if ever alcoholic drinks are consumed before without prior notice. The crew also reserves the right to limit your consumption of alcoholic drinks if it proves to be excessive and dangerous.


Cancellation by You
You, or any of your party as applicable, may cancel your booking at any time, via written notification (email or WhatsApp) to our office 24 hours prior to your outing. Cancellation fees may be applied.


For more information visit our page Terms and conditions