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Are you a Mauritian resident?

We want to clarify any doubts and concerns you might have. Should your question not be listed in our QA, do not hesitate to contact us. Questions & Answers
We will provide you with a mask, snorkel and fins on board, but you are welcome to bring your own.
Contact us via phone or e-mail to secure your booking. All details are available in the "Contact Us" Section of our Website.
The covered cabins are strictly no smoking zones. However, you may smoke on the open spaces of our fleet as instructed by the crew.
No, our fleet does not offer air conditioning.
We accept electronic bank transfers, Credit Cards and Cash. If you would like to pay for your cruise online, we will send you a secure link so you can make a worry-free online transfer.
While the weather is temperate to warm year-round, showers are not uncommon on our tropical island and rain may come and go during your cruise. In case of particularly bad weather, we will contact you to consult with you and advise you on the best decision to make. Please make sure you provide us with the correct contact information when you make your booking, in case this situation arises.
There is no minimum number of passengers on our private cruises. Should you want a day out for one, two or ten passengers, our tailor-made programme strives to cater to your every desire!
We recommend that you run through the following checklist before you embark on Océane’s cruises: • Swimming costume • High SPF sunscreen to protect you over a full day in the sun • Your towel • Hats or Caps to protect your face and neck from UV rays • A camera to immortalise your experience. Océane caps and T-shirts may be purchased from our crew on board.
Our team is fully trained to provide the best safety measures for all persons on board. If you are not comfortable in the water, we have life jackets and other gear on board so you can cruise with us worry-free. However, please inform us about your swimming abilities when you make your booking and when you step on one of our boats.
Cell phone service is generally not an issue on board as we do not travel far from the island. 12V outlets are available on some of our catamarans only. As a precautionary measure, please make sure your cell phone, camera and other devices are fully charged before boarding.
We will send you a confirmation of your booking via e-mail.
Océane’s cruises take place entirely inside the lagoon, sheltered from the swell of the open ocean. These cruises are thus most often calm and suitable for those who fear seasickness, both on the East and West Coast. Note that the West also benefits from shelter from the wind. Should you prefer to take precautions against possible seasickness, it is recommended you take preventive medication at least 30 minutes before boarding.
We are fully equipped with lifejackets, a first aid kit and a boat on standby for emergencies so your children and infants are in safe hands. Our staff and crew also receive training of international standing to better maintain the highest standards of safety on board.
Toilets are available on all of our catamarans and part of our fleet is equipped with showers.
Yes, we can offer space for wheelchairs on board. Not that, unfortunately, space for movement is very limited. Please inform the staff when making your booking if you or a member of your group willrequire wheelchair assistance.
All of our boats are equipped with cabins and shaded areas for your comfort should you wish to stay out of the sun.
We do not offer internet services or computers on board. Due to sea spray and exposureto the sun and heat, we do not recommend that you bring your laptop on the cruise.
We recommend you bring your own towel or place a request when you make a reservation.
Yes, our crew is fully trained to help and instruct you on snorkelling so you can enjoy the wonders of the lagoon underwater. Your scuba diving package includes a seasoned instructor with extensive knowledge of the area, who will guide you through every step of your first dive in the Mauritian ocean.
All bags and personal items are kept inside the cabin. At least part of our crew is present on board at all times, but we do not provide lockers or safes on board. Please note that Océane will not be held liable for loss of personal items on the cruise.
Alcoholic drinks will be given after snorkeling time. The management reserve the right to cancel the snorkeling if ever alcoholic drinks are consumed before without prior notice.