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Our “Yoga Detox” or “Eco-Tour” trips, family cruises, BBQ, cocktail or diner at sea, private or corporate events… whatever your desires are, Océane Cruises Mauritius has the boat that can take you safely for an unforgettable moment. Our fleet is regularly maintained and our crew is made up of experienced and passionate sea professionals.


Be it on the West or East coasts, Océane takes you through a lovely sea experience whilst remaining in the safe sanctuary of the Mauritian lagoon, protected from big swells and currents thanks to the coral reef. On board, comfort and safety are the crew’s number one priority at all times.


Each boat on our fleet is equipped with the security gear required and even more, as per the regulations established by the Tourism Authority and by international standards. Seamless navigation gear, protective barriers, lifejackets, etc.. All items on board are maintained to meet the most rigorous demands. Case in point: all of the inspections regularly carried out by international tour operators – namely by the renowned TUI tour operator– have positively cleared us for business.





The Océane Cruises catamarans have been custom-built and have all been specially designed to navigate the lagoon of Mauritius. They sail most of the time, when the weather conditions permit, in addition to their conventional motorization. This results in a very low environmental impact compared to their respective size and capacity.


Very versatile, Océane Cruises catamarans have been designed for the organization of all your events: intimate wedding or with a large number of guests, festive evenings, sunrise or sunset outings, etc. Our bright cabins with a maximum of windows also allow you to optimize the view of the lagoon from inside the catamaran. On arrival, on the deck of Océane 4 and 5, a warm outdoor bar welcomes the tastings of friendly dishes accompanied by our local draft beer. The best ‘spot’ on the boat to gather family, friends or colleagues by your side. Finally, access to the upper deck offers a unique 360° view on all of our boats. For a customized atmosphere onboard, a sound system is also available.


Incredible experiences are waiting for you on our catamarans on the East and West coast.


Book one or more boats from our fleet of 8 catamarans.


Ideal for tailor-made outings on the east/ south-east coast, with family or friends, our floating lounge “Pontoon” boat of 7.6 meters can accommodate up to 12 people, each comfortably installed on a seat with a backrest. A bathing ladder will offer you the necessary comfort during your swimming stops. The major asset of this boat is its extremely friendly and comfortable layout with its shaded lounge, its 2 central tables and its mini BBQ. For a customised atmosphere onboard, a sound system is also available.


An extraordinary experience awaits you.


Ride on the waves, the wind in your hair, and the sun on your face. A moment of intense happiness offered by the speedboats of Océane.


Ideal for tailor-made long-distance explorations and private outings, our speedboat of 6.75 meters can accommodate up to 10 people seated comfortably. The major advantage of this boat is to be able to easily access all the beaches and coves inaccessible to larger boats. For a customised atmosphere onboard, a sound system is also available.