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Our experienced skippers show a keen sense of hospitality and our crew's attention will make your outings most pleasant. Our Crew

Priorities on board: The client’s satisfaction, an attention to detail, passengers ‘safety, a clean deck and a peaceful atmosphere so everyone can enjoy the idyllic experience of being out at sea, under the sun.

Teamwork is Key

Océane firmly believes that team spirit is crucial to achieving the best service possible, in all safety. The years of dedication to our team by the crew & staff have made us a family at work. Regular teambuilding days are organised, bringing together the employees and management, to foster this sense of unity and to encourage all staff members to participate in the growth of Océane as a company. In 2014, the entire crew took part in a brainstorming and training experience towards renewing Océane’s identity, putting forward ideas that have allowed us to offer you the varied and flexible services available today. In our family, Teamwork is Key, and we never forget it.

Training & Safety on board

On board of the Océane fleet, the safety issue is about more than just approved equipment: it starts with the people. Every second year, our crew is trained or updated with safety during courses led by a coach approved by the fire brigade of Reunion Island. This special programme includes First Aid training as well as all the safety and security measures at sea on an international scale.

Furthermore each boat on our fleet is equipped with the gear required and even more, as per the regulations established by the Tourism Authority and by international standards. Seamless navigation gear, protective barriers, lifejackets, etc… All items on board are maintained to meet the most rigorous demands. Case in point: all of the inspections regularly carried out by international tour operators – namely the renowned TUI system – have positively cleared us for business.

You can sail out peacefully.