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Lakour products: new artisanal recipes from Océane

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Lakour products: new artisanal recipes from Océane

Océane Cruises is convinced that times of crisis offer an opportunity for reinvention, and to allow one’s creativity to speak for itself! This belief has recently been confirmed by the teams themselves… Combining passion and craftsmanship, discover tasty new products from Océane!

In eastern Mauritius, at the heart of the small village of Trou d’Eau Douce, lies the abundant orchard of Jacques Le Clézio, the founder of Océane Cruises. A real paradise for tropical fruit lovers, this 6-acre private plot is home to numerous fruit trees: banana trees, guava trees, mango, bergamot, cinnamon spice apples (sugar apples), coconuts, lemons… Jacques doesn’t only have good sea legs – he also has a green thumb! Since his retirement in 2020, Jacques has devoted most of his time to maintaining his orchard.

In 2020 and 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the island and the company hard: with the borders closed, two lockdowns and a ban on boat trips, all catamaran cruising came to a standstill.
Refusing to give up, the management of Océane encouraged its crews to diversify; in due course, they started offering catering services (mainly for barbecues in private homes), as well as boat repair and maintenance services. Other members of the crew lent Jacques Le Clézio a hand in taking care of his orchard.

That leads us to the story of how Lakour products began: one of the skippers, Riscoth Lacour (known as “Tiscott”), started to prepare local specialities with fruit from the orchard… and ended up discovering a real passion for cooking! Fruit juices, jams, coconut cakes, various confits and pickles… Tiscott’s recipes were unanimously well-received, and little by little, the idea of marketing them began to gain ground.

“Even though they are only available in limited quantities, we really wanted to share these home-made recipes. Not only are they tasty and authentic, but they are also made with passion by members of the team – and by Tiscott in particular. In fact, to highlight his involvement and efforts, we have named these products ‘Lakour’… in tribute to his family name”, explains Jacques Le Clézio.

Varying by season, the Lakour products range is available exclusively in certain grocery shops and markets on the island. They will also be offered during catamaran cruises organised by Océane.

To find out more about Lakour products, contact us.