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Enjoy real authenticity with Océane’s nature breaks ECOTOUR Enjoy real authenticity with Océane’s nature breaks ECOTOUR Enjoy real authenticity with Océane’s nature breaks ECOTOUR





8 am - 4 pm
Twice a week


East Coast – Pointe Maurice, Trou d’Eau Douce Or West Coast – L’Estuaire, La Balise Marina, Black River


Can be organised with a supplement, subject to availability.

Océane offers total immersion in the flora and fauna of Mauritius in these excursions which will take you to the very heart of île aux Aigrettes, a simply magical place for nature lovers. Setting off from Trou d’Eau Douce, sail along Îlot Mangénie, the famous Île aux Cerfs and all along the East coast to île aux Aigrettes where a guide awaits you to take you on a thorough tour of the island. Then, head for the best snorkelling spots on the East coast, stopping at îlot Flamants for some sunbathing or indulge in your own version of Pirates of the Caribbean. And finally get back to Trou d’Eau Douce at around 4pm. A BBQ lunch is served at anchor, when thought best.

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Many conservation projects are under way in this forest, aiming to eliminate exotic plants to replace them with endemic species. As for the local fauna, two rare endemic birds – the Pink Pigeon and Echo Parakeet – have made the forest their home. The valley also hosts a nursery for indigenous plants. The latest ongoing project involves the rehabilitation of land tortoises to re-establish the herbivorous dynamics in the reserve.

Another stop blissfully combining green and blue experiences is Ile aux Aigrettes, an islet in the heart of a magnificent lagoon on the southeast coast. It stands as a testament of the efforts made over the years by the Mauritian Wildlife Fund for the preservation of Mauritius’ endemic fauna and flora. The natural reserve – situated about 800m from the mainland’s coastline – thrives in thick vegetation, typical of Mauritius’ coastal areas.

Visitors are accompanied by guides to better discover an ebony forest, which used to be home to the dodo, as well as a nursery of thousands young plants, the ruins of an ancient limekiln and a stunning view of the Mahebourg bay. More importantly, you are likely to come across members of the local fauna: the Mauritian gecko, the Pink Pigeon, the Telfair skink (still endangered today) and the giant Aldabra tortoise, which was introduced to replace Mauritius’ two endemic species of land tortoise, now officially extinct. If you are lucky, you might also catch a glimpse of the Mauritian Kestrel, saved from extinction and roaming free in the island’s forest.
Ile aux Aigrettes is also a particularly beautiful swimming and snorkeling spot, in a crystal clear lagoon with fine white sand surrounding the islet.









We recommend that you run through the following checklist before you embark on Océane’s cruises:
• Swimming costume
• High SPF sunscreen to protect you over a full day in the sun
• Your towel
• Hats or Caps to protect your face and neck from UV rays
• A camera to immortalise your experience.
Océane caps and T-shirts may be purchased from our crew on board.

1.How do I make a reservation?
Contact us via phone or e-mail to secure your booking. All details are available in the “Contact Us” Section of our Website.

2.How do you take the weather into account on your cruises?
While the weather is temperate to warm year-round, showers are not uncommon on our tropical island and rain may come and go during your cruise. In case of particularly bad weather, we will contact you to consult with you and advise you on the best decision to make. Please make sure you provide us with the correct contact information when you make your booking, in case this situation arises.

3.I am not a very confident swimmer or cannot swim at all. Can I still book a cruise with Océane?
Our team is fully trained to provide the best safety measures for all persons on board. If you are not comfortable in the water, we have life jackets and other gear on board so you can cruise with us worry-free. However, please inform us about your swimming abilities when you make your booking and when you step on one of our boats.

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1.Alcohol Consumption
Alcoholic drinks will be given after snorkelling time. The management reserve the right to cancel the snorkelling if ever alcoholic drinks are consumed before without prior notice.

2.Cancellation by You
You, or any of your party, may cancel your booking at any time, via written notification to our office from the lead person on the booking, and applicable. Cancellation fees may be applied.

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