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Make the most of the unique friendliness and pleasure of navigation that Océane’s catamarans offer to discover the East coast of Mauritius. EAST COAST Make the most of the unique friendliness and pleasure of navigation that Océane’s catamarans offer to discover the East coast of Mauritius. EAST COAST Make the most of the unique friendliness and pleasure of navigation that Océane’s catamarans offer to discover the East coast of Mauritius. EAST COAST




Cruising Time


Departure Time

Pointe Maurice Jetty, Trou d’eau douce


Can be organised with a supplement, subject to availability.

On the east coast, the clear waters of the longest lagoon in Mauritius are calling you …
Join your catamaran in Trou’Eau Douce bay to spend an exceptional day under the tropical sun. Sail and snorkel at a place called “Eau Bleu” or in “Baie des 2 frères”, enjoy a succulent BBQ, enjoy attentive service and a breathtaking landscape. This is what gives the end of a ‘paradise vacation!’
Lunch is served on board the catamaran at anchor. Then take the time to make a stopover on Ile aux Cerfs, time for a tan, a sweet break with tropical flavors and a walk to capture these beautiful instagramable images. You will be back at Trou D’Eau Douce around 4 pm.

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On the East Coast, the turquoise glimmer of the lagoon stretches out to the horizon. On this side of the island, the particularly wide reach of the lagoon allows for activities in quiet waters. With Océane, take full advantage of our natural safety zone as you cruise across the Trou d’Eau Douce Bay and experience a paradisiac day, all within the protective arms of the Eastern reef.

Time to answer the call of the ocean: out in the lagoon, immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters and snorkel among patches of staghorn coral, populated by minuscule fish and more odd-looking species, such as the elongated trumpet fish and the stunning coachmen, with its white dorsal fin. Swim under the watchful eye of the Océane Crew, who will equip you with a lifejacket or a lifebuoy if you should be uncomfortable in the water. Back on board, the barbecue grill gets going as lunch will be served shortly… and what a great lunch that is: fresh fish and chicken grilled to perfection and served with a selection of salads and a side of garlic bread. The scrumptious menu, attentive service of the crew and incomparable view gives a newfound meaning to the term paradise holiday.

It’s 9.00 AM in Trou d’Eau Douce. The village is abuzz more especially near the historic limekiln. The last of the fishermen are offloading their catch of the day while crew teams are carrying boxes full of goodies on board speedboats. It’s going to be a hot day out at sea.

Away from this bustling atmosphere, the Océane crew welcomes you with a gentle smile, to start a cruise as leisurely as can be. Mere minutes after hopping on board, the landscape changes. Where the volcanic mountains tower up against the skyline, try and spot the Cat & Mouse mountains, an important landmark of the Mauritian East Coast. On the beach line, catch a glimpse of the five-star Resorts, highly popular among international celebrities for their private locations and luxurious amenities.

To the west, the seascape’s hues of blue and turquoise intertwine all the way to the horizon. As the waves lap gently against the catamaran, take a deep breath of fresh air and lay back to soak up the tropical sun, an ice cold drink in hand, as the boat glides smoothly towards the waterfall of Grande Rivière Sud Est (GRSE). Jump onto a ferryboat that will take you right under the splash of the waterfall while white-tailed tropicbirds soar above. The waterfall is modest in size, but the surrounding flora is reminiscent of a rainforest, with luscious creeping plants and trees lining either side. Some days, local kids from nearby villages are seen jumping off the waterfall and splashing about in the bubbling ponds beneath. On your way in and out, keep an eye out for the occasional bats and monkeys hiding in the surrounding vegetation!

Next stop: the famous Eastern islet we call Ile aux Cerfs. The catamaran slips through a mangrove forest, an ideal nursery for the surrounding marine ecosystems. Look out for tiny moonfish or Trou Loulou crabs, bright red and visible at low tide between the roots. Ile aux Cerfs is unique in many ways: during the low season, the islet is an idyllic desert beach with calm, shallow waters that are safe even for young children. Those with a keen sense of adventure can explore the island on foot and find hidden coves on its other side, where sea shell and sea urchins thrive in small tidal pools. Bear in mind that peak season might bring about many boats and large crowds around the islet. Still, on a sunny day out, Ile aux Cerfs is worth the stop for a tan or a walk after lunch. And for a bird’s eye view, why not take to the skies via our hydroplane excursions, which will give you a whole new perspective not just on the islet itself but also on the whole bay which you will have just explored with Océane.

The day ends as beautifully as it starts: when the winds are favourable, the sails will be out as the catamaran is steered back to the mainland. Lay back with a last refreshing drink on the catamaran’s trampoline, sun-kissed and satisfied after a day full of unforgettable rejuvenating experiences. And take in the stunning beauty of the East Coast one last time before heading home.


Swimming in the sheltered lagoon


Unlimited drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)


Visit of Ile Aux Cerfs

We recommend that you run through the following checklist before you embark on Océane’s cruises:

  • Swimming costume
  • High SPF sunscreen to protect you over a full day in the sun
  • Your towel
  • Hats or Caps to protect your face and neck from UV rays
  • A camera to immortalise your experience.

Océane caps and T-shirts may be purchased from our crew on board.

1.How do I make a reservation?
Contact us via phone or e-mail to secure your booking. All details are available in the “Contact Us” Section of our Website.

2.How do you take the weather into account on your cruises?
While the weather is temperate to warm year-round, showers are not uncommon on our tropical island and rain may come and go during your cruise. In case of particularly bad weather, we will contact you to consult with you and advise you on the best decision to make. Please make sure you provide us with the correct contact information when you make your booking, in case this situation arises.

3.I am not a very confident swimmer or cannot swim at all. Can I still book a cruise with Océane?
Our team is fully trained to provide the best safety measures for all persons on board. If you are not comfortable in the water, we have life jackets and other gear on board so you can cruise with us worry-free. However, please inform us about your swimming abilities when you make your booking and when you step on one of our boats.

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  • 1.Alcohol Consumption
    Alcoholic drinks will be given after snorkelling time. The management reserve the right to cancel the snorkelling if ever alcoholic drinks are consumed before without prior notice.2.Cancellation by You
    You, or any of your party, may cancel your booking at any time, via written notification to our office from the lead person on the booking, and applicable. Cancellation fees may be applied.Read more (click to direct to the T&C page)